Welcome to RukaNeliö !

RukaNeliö 3 log cabin located on top of Kaartovaara hill, close to the village of Ruka, in the southern part of Finnish Lapland.

During winter and summer RukaNeliö hosts a wide choice of activities for those who seek a stay, filled with nature experiences, silent enjoyment of natural beauty, adventure, leisure, sports and much more.
Among sports activities in winter one can enjoy skiing, sleighing, ice-skating, not to forget snowmobile rides, (either guided or self catered) and of course, the very special reindeer sleigh rides !

During summer there are great possibilities for hiking, camping in the wild, canoeing, gorgeous scenery for photography and places for trout fishing !
With all these activities RukaNeliö is the perfect starting point, to where it's a pleasure to return in the evening.

Autumn times color feast and wild berries waiting to be picked, enjoy a hike in the wilderness and take a rest watching the sun set on the terrace after a refreshing sauna.